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fadwa a soliman solineurs

I’m an organized, neat freak, flamingo lover,

crazy knitter kinda of a woman

Since I graduated in 2010, I worked in many things and in many places and I found out that I’m not one thing,

I don’t enjoy working in one field, I’m what you can call a Multipotintiolist.

A Multipotintiolist, someone with many

interests & creative pursuits.

I can be a ballerina yet I’m a civil engineer

or a lawyer & a painter, you get it.

Which was amazing to me, I got to try many things, I studied many different things like marketing, design,

and even some software development I enjoyed all of this.

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Some of my Students' Testimonials

John Doe

Branding Guide Creation

Excellent Course! Curriculum is well structured very easy to understand and to apply. The bonuses are a great add on! Love it!!!! Thanks! Fadwa

Esteban Zubillaga

Create Easy Animation Videos

Amazing course on video animation, make awesome videos, in minutes using Video Maker FX. Learn from Fadwa A Soliman on the course explaining beautiful animation creation!

Darlene M. Ramirez

Host Private Meetings & coaching sessions online

I love this course because it was fast and to the point. It has allowed me to be ready for an impromptu meeting and look like a pro. Thank you.