5 Security tips for your WordPress

Posted on 18 March, 2017 by Fadwa A.Soliman in WordPress

Security Tip #1: Is it up-to-date?

Did you install the latest wordpress version on your blog?

This is so simple yet it can have a bWordPress on site security. Log in and click on “Update available” banner at the top and update your site.

As a security measure, do a backup of your site before you proceed with the upgrade just in case something breaks up – which is unlikely.

The important thing is that you do it, and with regularity.

If you own an old version, it could be vulnerable and you should make sure you do not allow any loophole for hackers.


Security Tip #2: How about plugins and themes?


Keep plugins and themes up-to-date.

That’s the same principle as mentioned in my previous tip.

All do keep those things up-to-date.

Do not allow any backdoor for hackers to your site.


Security Tips #3: What to delete?

Delete any plugins or themes you’re not using.

Get rid of any plugins or themes that are useless to you and you’ll definitely reduce the likelihood of being hacked.

Take note: Deactivating plugins isn’t enough; you must “Delete.”


Security Tip #4: Permission issues.

This is something very important that many people don’t do to secure their WordPress site.

Here’s something extremely powerful you can do that will help you a lot.

TIP: Change file permissions.

“Never configure folders on your server with 777 permissions. You should select 755 or 750 according to WordPress.org. you can also change to the files settings to 640 or 644 and wp-config.php to 600.”


Security Tip #5: Something very basic.

Did you change your ‘ADMIN’ username to something else already?

Probably you didn’t.But today you need to change it by in the PHPMyAdmin on your web server.

Once you get it done, proceed with changing your password also.

“One of the cool ways to do it is to use Norton Password Generator to get you strong passwords.”