Steps to Come Up With Great Logos

Posted on 14 March, 2017 by admin in Branding

The creative process of creating a brand, a website and a logo for a business is one of the most enjoyable aspects of launching a new company. that lets you really put a unique feel or a look on your business. If you’re a ‘creative person’ then you’ll no doubt get a kick from it.

But what if you’re not into designing? What if you have no idea how to create your own logo and don’t know where to start?

This will help you start

1- Create a Vision board

A vision board is simply a collection of images that relate to your brand, that inspire you and that you want to take cues from. Some of these images might be logos from competing brands, others might be photos of things you’ve seen and just like the looks of. You might choose images that relate to you personally or you might pick things that represent what you’re trying to achieve.

Either way, this then puts all of these sources of inspiration in one place. Now, when you glance over the page you’ll be able to get a kind of ‘visual direction’ for your logo and it should start those creative juices flow.


The Next Step

The next step in the process is then simply to combine these various images into some unique configurations. Take the different elements and try putting them together – or finding ways to work them into the text of your company name.

You should be left with a few different concepts, which you’re then going to take away and show to other people. Get a vote on which ones work best and take heed of this – your logo isn’t ‘for you’ it’s for your audience after all!

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