I’m an organized, neat freak, flamingo lover, crazy knitter kinda of a woman

Since I graduated on 2010, I worked in many things and in many places and I found out that I’m not one thing, I don’t enjoy working in one field, I’m what you can call a Multipotintiolist.

A Multipotintiolist, someone with many interests and creative pursuits, I can be a ballerina yet I’m a civil engineer or a lawyer & a painter, you get.

Which was amazing to me, I got to try many things, I studied many different things like marketing, design, and even some software development I enjoyed all of this.

On December 2015, My sister & business partner Kenz, convinced me to take everything I learned and everything I will learn, to Udemy, and it was the best decision I’ve ever taken because Udemy helped me as an instructor delivering my knowledge to those who need it & as a student it helped me sharpen my skills even more.

Now I have over 15000 students from over 150 countries & over 400 reviews on Udemy Skillshare, Can you imagine?! 

My main mission here is to help & empower as many beginner entrepreneurs as I can.
As an entrepreneur, busy isn’t enough word to describe how valuable your time is, especially when you’re at the beginning.

So, Here I offer you a variety of carefully selected courses, products & services that will take your business to the next level & help you save more time….

My blog is the “To Go” place to get the help you need a beginner, whether it’s a free access to courses or quick tips on how to be more focused, here you’ll find your way to empower your beginning.

At first I wanted more freedom & independence , but then I started seeing how my skills can help a lot of people get more organized and get more done so I decided to go for it and instead of focusing only on freedom for myself I decided to make it my mission to help as many people as I can find their freedom too.

When I first started I was a freelance graphic designer and videographer , I had good results but then I realized I was trading dollars for hours & as I wanted to help people find their freedom I decided to create online courses to help entrepreneurs empower their beginnings & soon enough people started to like my courses and before I knew it Udemy sent me an email telling me that now am one of their to instructors , I’m very thankful for where I am right now and ready for more.

First I decided to silence that inner critic in my head & just go for it and take action and see how my results are going to go , then I surveyed my customers and asked them if they would like to learn how to do the things they used to pay me to do for them, in a record time & with no long boring learning curves, then I mapped out my skills and learn how to turn them into online courses and started offering them on Udemy which gave me a great boost .

When I joined Udemy they already had built in traffic & they promote their instructor’s courses for a percentage of each sale so that gave me a huge momentum as they already have over 10 million students, then I started using Facebook groups for visibility & now I’m also building my email list.

It was not an easy decision to put myself out there & make videos, and I had a lot of back and forth battles inside my mind about creating videos and how am I going to look in front of a camera or a microphone then I took the decision of trying any way any my performance as an instructor keeps getting better & better every time.

I am an organization junky I like to keep everything around me organized to keep myself motivated and inspired to create more & I always have my task list ready the night before & I always use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix

Keep yourself motivated, never underestimate your ideas no matter how silly they look inside your mind, just take a leap of faith and you’ll be surprised how well you’re going to do.