Be More Efficient on a Daily Basis

Posted on 22 November, 2016 by Fadwa A.Soliman in Personal Development

To be more efficient you need Willpower

Willpower is at its highest in the morning & it is slowing down during the day, and when you go to Sleep you recharge your willpower.

So the most obvious way to be more efficient is to GET SOME SLEEP!!  Yeah, it’s that simple …

Try not to stay asleep past 9 am , When you start your day early you’ll actually have the time to finish whatever needs to be finished without exhausting yourself or your mind about running out of time because then you’ll have to stay up late and wake up late , It’s a constant loop of wasting time.

In order to use your willpower in a more effective way you need to do the following:

Start writing your to-do list the night before using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, & as soon as you wake up start Applying your Matrix

Here’s a Helpful Morning Ritual:

Plan your day:

as mentioned before plan your day the night before, write down what you need to do, what’s important & what’s urgent, so the minute you wake up you know what needs to be done.

Make your bed:

as silly as it may sound it’s actually helpful (I’ve tried it), so as soon as you wake up, open the windows let the fresh air enter the room, make your bed & if your home office in a different room, you should do the same.
the change brought by the fresh air will definitely change your mood & put you in a peaceful mindset.

Do some Yoga / meditation / exercise:

For about 10 minutes do some Yoga or stretch that will really boost your energy & will help you gain focus, DO NOT think of work or anything that would stress you out.

Take a shower:

a nice cold shower makes your body alert, focused & READY to get to work.

Eat a healthy breakfast:

A healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day (check this board for healthy breakfast ideas).


Take about 15 min while drinking your COFFEE, see your day in your mind the way you would love it to be, It’s proven that visualizing gives an edge to be more creative & effective.

This Ritual can help you be more effective & productive