How to Clearly Define Your Desires

Posted on 5 February, 2018 by Fadwa A.Soliman in Personal Development

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll post a series of blog posts to help you identify your true desires & reach your goals, It’ll start from Today & It’ll end on March 26th, Total of 9 blog posts

How to Clearly Define Your Desires, You know what’s strange? Most people have no idea what they want, and what they say that they want is rarely what they actually want.

Isn’t that funny? Most people, if they were honest with themselves, and they actually sat down and took the time to look at what they desired, would find that what they say they want is actually just a fraction or a facet of what they actually want, and in some cases, it is the polar opposite of what they want.
Let’s talk girls for a second. You know how girls go around moaning about how they can’t find a “nice guy?” Well, for most girls but not all of them, a nice guy is the last thing they want. Nice guys will buy them things, surprises them with a trip, or make them breakfast in bed, but that gets boring really fast, and what (most) girls really want is a guy who is confident and challenging, even if he isn’t that nice at all.



So, if girls can’t even be certain about what kind of mate they are looking for, how can we figure out what our real desires are, much less how to achieve them? It starts by doing one very simple thing first – discovering yourself.