Dealing With Negativity From Others

Posted on 19 March, 2018 by Fadwa A.Soliman in Personal Development

No matter what you are trying to achieve, you are going to face negativity and obstacles along the way. Much of that negativity and de-motivation will come right from your own mind.

Dealing With Negativity From OthersWe’ll cover how to deal with that in the next two weeks posts. But you’re also going to face negativity from others. This is an unfortunate fact that every person who is trying to be successful will face.

Sometimes, people are just going to hate on you for what seems like no reason, and you’re going to need to prepare yourself for it or you are going to crash and burn when it happens.
There are a few different reasons that people will try to talk you down when you are flying high. Some of the time, they will actually believe that they are helping you and other times they might be acting out their jealousy. Either way, it is going to happen so be prepared for it, and let it go in one ear and out the other.


First, let’s explore some of the reasons why people spew toxic waste whenever they encounter someone who is mastering success and then we’ll go over some strategies to deal with those situations and people.


Reasons Why People Are Going to Hate on your Success

  1. They are Jealous: Yep, sometimes the simplest explanation is the right one. Some people are just jealous of your success and the only way they know to express their frustration is by trying to bring you down to their level.
  2. They Don’t Want to Admit They Have the Power to Change: Negative people are great at telling themselves that their lack of success and all of the problems in their lives are caused by everyone else, or by the situation or by God, anything to avoid responsibility themselves. You reminding them that they have the power to change really screws up their worldview.
  3. They Think They Are Helping You: for example, a kid wanted to be a professional singer. his mother used to tell him that he was a terrible singer and that he needed to choose a different dream. It took many years for him to get past that negative reinforcement and contrary to his mother’s opinion, he actually turned out to be a pretty decent singer. His mom thought she was trying to help – to give him a dose of reality. She was wrong and so are all the people who are going to try to talk you out of your success.
  4. Bringing You Down Makes Them Feel Important: Some people want so badly to feel important that they will criticize you and try to bring you down. It is the only way that they know how to deal with how inadequate your success has made them feel.


So, what do you do to deal with this negativity? The first step is preparedness. If you know that it is going to happen, and you have a game plan for when it does, you will have a much lower chance of it actually affecting you.

Here are some great tips to help you stay positive and motivated even when you are surrounded by negativity.

  • Avoid it Whenever Possible: If you have a choice, avoid negative people and their rants and criticism. This isn’t always possible, but if you can walk away, or avoid reading negative comments, you should do it. Remember that negative energy zaps your positive energy and motivation, so stay as far away from it as you can.
  • Whatever You do, Don’t Engage: It can be tempting to try to set a negative person straight and attempt to change their mind but don’t fall into this trap. For one thing, it will take more energy than you have to spare and second, you are almost certainly going to fail anyway because their view isn’t based on logic, it’s based on emotion.
  • Don’t Take it Personally: Those hurtful, negative comments they are making towards you probably have nothing to do with you. You just happen to be standing in the path of their negative rampage, so don’t take it personally because it probably isn’t.

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