How Different People Can Focus

Posted on 29 January, 2018 by Fadwa A.Soliman in Entrepreneurship

How Different People Can Focus, In order to be a productive worker, you need to handle distractions well and learn the art of focusing on important things.

If you’re working in the service industries, the following tips might help:

  • When you serve your customers, do that and that alone. Be fully present when you do your job and disregard other problems, emails, or mobile phone.
  • Deal with one customer at a time.
  • Try to find time to refocus in the middle of your work. Clear distractions or an hour or so.
  • Learn to let go of some tasks on hand by automating them, delegating them, posting an FAQ section on your site, outsourcing help, or breaking down the services.
  • Be focused on your personal life. Learn to disconnect once you’re off work and find peace of mind.


To avoid interruptions from your co-workers or staff as a boss, you might want to take note of these pointers:

  • Don’t make the decisions all by yourself. Let others do it too. Set parameters on when to interrupt you for decision-making.
  • Schedule your unavailability. Set times when you are not to be interrupted.
  • Appoint a second-in-command to help you make decisions.
  • Set expectations as to when people can interrupt you when you’re working.
  • Focus on every problem and every interruption that comes your way.
  • Focus on life outside of work and enjoy the peace and quiet while indulging in your creative hobbies and interests.


But how do you deal with your boss, if he or she is the source of your problem? Your boss might expect you to answer your calls, texts, or emails, to pull off long hours, or to work overnight. You have to deal with your boss by doing these things:

  • Discuss your desire to focus with your boss. Convince him or her about how finding focus will improve your creativity and productivity.
  • Determine the factors that you can control and those that you can’t. Change those controllable factors to help you focus. For instance, you can clear your desk or computer desktop. If you can’t do away with ignoring emails, at least don’t distract yourself by surfing the web.
  • Try to work out of the office. If you have the liberty to work at home or anywhere else without distractions, do so.
  • Show your boss that all these changes to find focus really work.
  • Find another job. If your boss doesn’t approve of your pursuit of focus, consider changing jobs.


If you do find unsupportive people around, people who do not approve of all the changes that you want to make to find focus, don’t force them. Let them understand how important it is for you to be able to focus. Make sure to ask for their help. If you can’t convince them with words, show them an example. Show them how the changes you planned to find focus will work. Settle with the changes that you can make, with the lack of support of other people.