Things that nobody told me about Seeking Focus

Posted on 8 January, 2018 by Fadwa A.Soliman in Entrepreneurship

Things that nobody told me about Seeking Focus, If you’re pursuing life as a creative person, such as an artist, designer, writer, musician, photographer, and similar professions, you need the power to focus.

Distractions can ruin creativity in a snap. You can’t create anything if you keep replying to emails, posting on Facebook, or reading a blog.


And even when you can switch between tasks, will you be able to do something effective? It will surely waste your creative time and attention, hence ruining your creative process.


All the time spent on communicating with other people or entertaining other distractions is time spent away from your creative process. Being connected does help in encouraging your creative power, as you learn new ideas from other people and listen to their feedback, but you need to spend time on creating and creating alone.


You can do that by making time for each process – for communicating and for creating. When you separate these processes, you can focus each time on a specific process. Your time for creating will be spent actually creating something, making you more productive. Separate your interests and savor the time spent for each one of them.


Aside from spending time for your creating process, you also need free time for the sake of your happiness, stress levels, and peace of mind. It’s important that you be completely disconnected and experience real solitude. You can nap, write, run, read, listen, watch, or engage in quiet conversation with loved ones.