Tips for making the most of your relationship with your work colleagues

Posted on 11 June, 2018 by Fadwa A.Soliman in Personal Development

The relationships you have with others at your place of employment can be tricky. You are not born into the same family and so you often lack things in common, and you don’t usually start out as friends so it can be difficult to put up with those who you never find a common bond.

If you want to maximize your productivity at work, however, you will need to learn to make the most of your relationships with your work colleagues. Here are a few tips on how to make this happen effectively.

Be Friendly

It almost seems too simple, but being friendly is one of the quickest ways to make a good and lasting first impression on others. Be hired at your workplace wearing a smile, and do your best to keep wearing it for the duration of your employment. Be courteous towards others and offer a bright “hello” to anyone you pass by.

Offer to Help with Their Workload

Everyone likes a little help every once in a while, and you can be the one to help someone else in their moment of need. By simply offering yourself as a volunteer when a co-worker is visibly struggling, you can become a friend to many. When you have free time at work, ask if anyone else needs a hand with anything.

Accept Their Help

As important as it is to offer help, it is just as important to accept it when needed. If a colleague says they would like to join in and help you get things done, take their offer because this will make them feel good. This good feeling will then boost their impression of you. This kind of give and take at work ends in a great work colleague relationship and one that may last beyond the actual work aspect.

Build Relationships Outside the Office

Your co-workers don’t have to become your best friends, but it is very helpful to build friendships outside the walls of the office. When there are off-site, team-building activities, join in. Go beyond that and make plans with your co-workers to meet up for a game of soccer or drinks after work. The time you spend casually chatting about issues that don’t relate to work is some of the moments when you will bond the most.

Spend Lunchtime Together

This is an easy way to get to know those you work with. Are you the guy who always takes a walk during lunch? Do you head out on a daily basis to buy fast food on the run? The lunchroom is often where the most jokes and laughs are shared together by co-workers, so make it your plan to eat lunch in the break room at least two times per week.

Your co-workers can make or break your employment, which consumes a large percentage of your waking hours. It is up to you to build the relationships that are set in front of you through your place of work. Input into these relationships and they just might turn out to be some of your closest friends for life.